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We have been training since 1995. Our trainers are professionals in their field, most with more than 10 years experience developing and training. With over 15 years in the industry we have taught over a thousand students on 4 continents.


Here are just a few testimonials from our clients:


"I'm not sure how or where to begin and I should probably try to keep this short, but I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the 3 day training session with Mo. He was ABSOLUTELY fantastic. There was no doubt he really knew the software and then some (some being a WHOLE LOT!), but he really took the time to explain things in terms he knew I would understand and would be beneficial for me and my job"

- Andrea Nieman


"Neil Stromin is an excellent instructor. He's very knowledgable about the tool and was able to answer questions that were outside of the scope of the class. He was also skilled at delivering course material in a virtual format. He did a good job of engaging everyone in the class. I appreciated that he hosted this class for us, during a time that was outside of his normal business day - it demonstrates excellent customer orientation."

- Diana Lewis
Worlds largest micro chip provider


"Thank you, Tanya, for the specialised training and for the fun and exciting way in which you imparted your knowledge. You made the Adobe suite come alive and presented it with such enthusiasm and a great sense of humour, it made the whole process seem much less daunting. Your computer skills amazed me, as did your training skills. Once again... A big thank you! "

- Cathy Simon


"I would like to mention that we were extremely pleased with Lauren's lessons. She was encouraging and enthusiastic throughout the three days of training. She was able to explain everything that I needed to know in a clear and simplified way that I could easily understand. The fact that she was able to tailor the lessons according to my company's needs was of great benefit to us."
- Anne Taylor

"Neil did a great job of introducing a concept verbally, explaining its function, his experience with it and personal preferences, and then showing us how to incorporate that feature or concept. He then allowed us time to practice and ask questions. His teaching style and pace were very conducive to my learning."
- Whitney Ice
Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing


"This is the third class I've taken with Tanya and it was terrific. She prepared lessons according to topics I had submitted beforehand, along with great foundation lessons for CS5. We work well together and I learn, learn, learn. Without wishing to sound mundane, she is great."
-Susan Hawver
US Military


"Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the Captivate training that Stephen delivered – he was a wonderful, very knowledgeable instructor."
- Joann Nakamura



"Mo was a fantastic instructor. He kept a good pace without going too fast, answered all questions with detailed and patient explanations and was willing to go over material as much as necessary to make me comfortable with what I was using. I highly recommend this course and trainer to anyone wanted to learn Robohelp!"
- Kirsten Sexton


"Neil is a fabulous instructor. He brings a perfect blend of mastery of the software, real-world application & experience, sense of humor and flexibility to work at a comfortable pace while covering content most appropriate for my experience/skill level and needs. All of the questions I came in to the training with and came up with during the course of training were addressed in a thorough, easy to understand manner."
- Elayne Brigham


"Excellent (and that's from one instructor to another). I would definitely take another class with Steve - he's a great instructor."
- Sandra Craft
Perkins Coie LLP

"Tanya has been great. She is both friendly and informative. I have found her to be very easy to work with and have enjoyed the class thoroughly."
- Doug Mahoney


"Hi JoAnne – I just wanted to thank you for your help in training me in Photoshop. It was a great experience, and I really learned a lot. I'm excited to put it all my new knowledge to good use! Thank you again! Take care!"
Rockledge Community Redevelopment Agency


"Neil's online competence and technical ability changed my mind about online classes"
-Connie Martin

"Mo was an excellent teacher! He went above and beyond to make sure that I understood every aspect of RoboHelp. He answered every question that I had, and I would recommend his class to anyone. "
-Kerelyn Smith
Entertainment Partners


"Neil did an excellent job of matching the course pace to my knowledge level. I really enjoyed the course and would most certainly take another! Flash here I come...."
Kimberly Wright
Red Roof Inn


"Mo was absolutely fantastic! He asked for our background and basically created the class content based on the questions we had. Mo was one of the best instructors I have had in many years."
Thanks Mo!
-Dave Root
Compuware Inc


"Neil is a skilled online instructor, able to balance the virtual technology and audience with ease and flair. He is clearly knowledgable of the product and courseware and was able to detour to topics that were relevant to me and still complete the course objectives. The virtual classroom is a difficult medium to work in and Neil was one of the most effective instructors I have seen in this arena. Many thanks!"
-Lyz Smiles


"Stephen was an outstanding instructor. He did a great job keeping us engaged throughout the two-day course, and he gave us plenty of practical application tips that we could use immediately following the course. I really appreciate the fact that he had workable knowledge of Captivate and was able to answer our questions about how we could use the system instead of just going by the book. I would definitely recommend Stephen as an instructor to my colleagues. Thank you!"
- Janine McGrue
Group Health Cooperative


"I really enjoyed the Instructor. She took the time to have extra materials for me when we had completed the basic work covered in the class. She also took time to ask me what I was looking to get out of the class and made sure that we covered that material. "
-Patrick Jones

"Neil was great! He was very engaging and I feel I learned a lot. 12 hours of training flew by and at no time was I wishing that it would just end (as in previous experiences). It was a very informative and engaging training!"
Andrea Sherman
OMNI Institute


"The class went great with Rick. The professor rearranged his training style to accomodate me all the while keeping the class on schedule. I will recommend him to others and hope to be able to take more classes in the future. "
-Ramona Tyler

Blue Cross


"Neil - I couldn't be any more satisfied with the instruction Stephen provided. I will be taking more classes from you in the future."
thx - nick
- Nick Brunacini


"Mo was an incredibly thorough, patient and helpful instructor. We made tremendous headway with the software and I am beyond happy that I took this course! "
- Erin Cohen


"I enjoyed Neil's training very much. He understood my level and adapted to my pace as well as explaining things to me in a way that I understood as a designer. I would recommend this instructor any day."
-Sherry Lease


"Mo was an excellent instructor, very professional and patient while explaining and demonstrating the application."
- Wendy Ewing
Zurich Insurance


"Neil Stromin conducted himself professionally, and was just a great instructor."
- Vincent Parham
New York University


"I really enjoyed the Instructor. She took the time to have extra materials for me when we had completed the basic work covered in the class. She also took time to ask me what I was looking to get out of the class and made sure that we covered that material."
Patrick Jones


"The instructor was very good! I really liked that he fully explained what he was going to teach me before entering each section. Then reviewed again, in detail, the lesson taught at the end of each section. His presentation skills were great - clear, comprehensive, and to the point. Very professional and pleasant. Great course!"

- Debbie Rueter
National Business Center

"I thought Neil Stromin was an excellent instructor. I liked the fact he spent extra time with us when we didn't understand or couldn't get the excercise to work correctly. Thanks Neil!"
-Hans Smith
Southeast Media

"Neil did an excellent job with training. He was clear, concise, and taught at the right pace. I would highly recommend him and I look forward to more training sessions."

- Pam Alten
Centura Health

"Neil Stromin is a patient, thorough, excellent instructor. He is very knowledgable and willing to take the time to explain things in plain English--not just jargon. He was also good about using examples that related to our particularsituation. He's a gem!"

-Teresa Campbell
Pima Community College

"Neil was great! Since I was the only student in an online class, I received first class instruction and really enjoyed the course."

-Cathy Wyer
Vacation Cancellation

"Terrific guy, obviously knowledgeable and able to explain things in an comprehensive manner. I throughly enjoyed the course and can't wait to get started on my own websites. Thanks"

- Ron Dale
Vanessa's Big Heart Foundation

"Neil was very patient and knowledgeable. He also made the course fun, I would recommend him to anyone interested in developing websites. "
- Lori Howlett
Nevada State Education Association

"I really enjoyed doing the course and I think Stephen was a very good teacher. I learned more than I hoped I would.
I will recommend the course to everyone."
- Eliane Polack

"Stephen was an excellent insutructor. He was well paced, patient, informative and was able to keep my attention and focus. I would definitely recommend Stephen as an instructor."
- Nicole Houston
WNC First Insurance Services


"I felt very comfortable with Heather as an instructor and felt that her knowlege and expertise were well suited for a detailed and quick-paced session. Thanks again for a job well done."
- Andrew McKenzie


"Rick was a great instructor, had real-world examples of RH in action, and provided well-detailed answers for questions."
- Christi Fedarko
Las Vegas Water District

"I took your Dreamweaver class and just loved the instructor. Very fun class. I took it on-line and it was a wonderful experience. I would love to win a class and have same instructor! Very knowledgeable about the softeware and friendly! I would highly recommend it to my professional colleagues"
- Stephanie Papineau


"Great instructor"
- Ricardo Zamora


"This was a great course. I feel much more confident with DreamWeaver and feel that I can put everything that I was taught into immediate action."
- Nicole Kampmeier
LVI Global


"Stephen Walker was FABULOUS!
I would definitely take a follow up course and have already begun applying a lot of what I learned. It was better than I expected and I was pleased at the level and the pace we took."
- Laura Meyer
Photography by Laura Meyer


"Neil was great! I would definitely recommend him and this course to others."
-Mundi Wahlberg
JG Johnson Architects


"Neil was wonderful and very professional throughout. I enjoyed taking this class from him very much."
- Jeff Foy
LDS Employment Resource Services

Any questions, let us know via email or call 800 278 7876 ext 4