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RoboHelp is today's leading software application for developing eLearning programs

It is now available for both mac and windows and has a royalty free distribution. Your delivery can be web based, run off a LAN or burn it on a disc or Flash drive.


Classes: We offer a 2-day beginner and a 2-day advanced class



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RoboHelp beginner classes in Lynn

Course Description:

RoboHelp is the industry standard for Help authoring. It's the preferred program if you are a Help author, technical writer, or programmer tasked with creating Help systems for desktop or Web-based applications. Learning Objectives: After the class you will be able to perform the following tasks: Create an HTML Help Project Create an WinHelp Project Create an FlashHelp Project Add graphics and DHTML to enhance the help files Import content from Word and FrameMaker Add an index and glossary Use variables and snippets Customize the user interface with a Skin Target Audience: Professionals seeking to create or enhance Help Systems using RoboHelp. Users will benefit from the many tips and tricks, as well as special exercises. Participants are encouraged to bring problems, questions and samples from their working environment to the class for group discussion.